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About Us

Energy Plus by the numbers

Energy savings is as much about cutting energy consumption

as it is about reducing costs..

Energy Plus is a cutting-edge firm providing cohesive energy-saving solutions, services, and incentives for commercial and multifamily properties. At the essence of Energy Plus is a staunch commitment to reduce electricity, fuel and water consumption. To do that, Energy Plus has a multifaceted approach that is foolproof; save the most we can, wherever we can, and then save some more. From the initial building assessment of your property, to supplying and executing your energy saving needs, Energy Plus does it all. And does it well.

Energy savings is as much about cutting energy consumption as it is about reducing costs. While some companies service exclusively the energy reduction aspect of savings, Energy Plus services the same energy abatement, while at the same time accessing the wide range of incentive and rebate programs in our arsenal. Now that is double the savings for you, my friend. So, do we go green, or what?


Dollars in our largest rebate secured.


Dollars in our largest utility bill refund.


Average energy percent savings annually.


Precent energy savings when switched to high efficiency equipment.


Percent saved in a year through radiator controls


Months of ROI

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Utility Bill Auditing

How angry would you be to hear that some 80% of utility bills contain errors.

Energy Buying

U’ll besurprised to see the ridiculously exorbitant prices some of our consumers were paying for their energy.

Rebate Incentives

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Energy Audit

Energy audit is a legal audit required for all buildings over 50,0000 square feet.

Local Law 84

LL84 requires all buildings in NYC over 50,000 square feet to submit annually an energy benchmark.

Local Law 87

LL87 mandates that buildings over 50,000 square feet undergo energy audit and retro-commissioning measures every 10 years.