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Energy savings is as much about cutting energy consumption as it is about reducing costs. While some companies service exclusively the energy reduction aspect of savings, Energy Plus services the same energy abatement, while at the same time accessing the wide range of incentive and rebate programs in our arsenal. Now that is double the savings for you, my friend. So, do we go green, or what?

Utility Bill Auditing

How angry would you be to hear that some 80% of utility bills contain errors?! 80%! Our expert staff of analysts, familiar with the industry’s terminology and coding, will review all of your utility bills for any overcharges. Not only is there is a large possibility of reducing your bills greatly, but, should that be the case, you will be eligible for a significant refund too. In addition, aside from our small percentage off the refund, we adjust all your overcharges for future billing, free of charge.


Energy Buying

When we started doing bill audits for our clients we were surprised to see the ridiculously exorbitant prices some of our consumers were paying for their energy. Today, property owners have a voice in choosing their own gas and electric suppliers, so why not take advantage of that? Fortunate for you, Energy Plus is fanatically passionate about saving their client as much money as they can. Through energy buying we get to lock in the best rates, and as a commercial supply broker we can offer you competitive energy rates and yes, save you more money. As always.

Rebate Incentives

The utility companies are just as zealous as you are about saving energy. Therefore, various different utility companies extend monetary benefits and otherwise, to get you to cut down your energy consumption. Energy Plus has their pulse on the market, researching and contacting the utility companies regularly and as such, hyper aware of every pending rebate out there. Even the ones in the pipeline. Whether you are putting on boiler controls, are buying a new high efficiency equipment, or have already bought a machine but never claimed a rebate, chances are there’s a rebate for you in store. Just ask us.


Energy Audit

Energy audit is a legal audit required for all buildings over 50,0000 square feet. Energy Plus is familiar with both parts, LL84 and LL87. Read on!

Local Law 84 – (LL84)

LL84 requires all buildings in NYC over 50,000 square feet to submit annually an energy benchmark. Benchmark refers to inputting and submitting the total water and energy usage of a building, for the previous calendar year. Our professional staff have vast experience in benchmarking NYC buildings. So much so, you can easily expunge this tedious job from your demanding task list – Energy Plus has got this, hands down.


Local Law 87 – (LL87)

LL87 mandates that buildings over 50,000 square feet undergo energy audit and retro-commissioning measures every 10 years. An energy audit involves analysis and surveys of energy use and retro commissioning is the process of ensuring correct equipment installation and performance.
Energy Plus’s team of highly proficient engineer’s conduct the energy audits, as well as retro-commissioning to make sure you are fully in compliance. Our engineers will complete an Energy Efficiency Report electronically as well as the retro commissioning. Energy Plus will service any deficiencies needed to comply with the Department Of Buildings. Furthermore, an energy audit generates valuable information on your equipment that can qualify you for energy saving solutions with viable monetary benefits. Now, that’s something Energy Plus might know a thing or two about….

Engineering analysis and design

Thinking about upgrading to a new, high-efficient energy system? That’s a major decision that needs the guidance and expertise of a well-informed engineer. Energy Plus will have a highly skilled engineer analyze and design the machine that is the absolute best fit for your building needs while consuming the least energy.


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