Energy Plus is a cutting-edge firm providing cohesive energy solutions and services for residential and commercial properties.

A solution for every property, every system, and every budget

Our industry experience: Your advantage

It all started a number of years ago with simple volunteer work serving non-for-profit charitable organizations, schools, and congregations. Energy Plus was there at that time, assisting these entities in improving the energy efficiency of their properties which resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We, at Energy Plus, soon discovered the enormous untapped opportunity available in the line of energy upgrades, energy savings and energy code compliance. We realized that by implementing simple procedures, we can remarkably decrease energy consumption, which translates to significant reductions in energy costs.

Throughout the years, by developing strong relationships with world renowned utility companies, suppliers, and energy providers, we have succeeded in developing a process to ensure that any building’s plumbing and mechanical system functions with maximum order and efficiency.

Energy Plus is there initially to assess your property; thereafter, to guide and implement the appropriate energy solutions; and finally, to secure the proper rebates and funding for optimal savings.

Armed with 200+ years of combined industry experience, we have the capacity to take on any project of any scale and deliver on our commitments.


Moshe Lefkowitz


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Abraham Lichtenstadter

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Rachel Green

Accounting Manager

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Moshe Freund

Director Of Estimating

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Hershy Hirsch

Director of Field Operations


Luis Deoleo

Project Manager


Chany Eidlisz

Rebates & Incentives

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Esther Bernstein

Project Administrator

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Project Administrator

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Rifkie Wertzberger

Director of Heating Upgrades Division

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